Choosing the best toothbrush

There are many different manual and electric toothbrushes on the market. How do you choose the toothbrush that’s right for you?

Byline: Dr Ming Ong

Patients often ask what sort of toothbrush they should buy when they’re buying a new… Continue reading

Early intervention orthodontics

That cute buck-tooth grin on your child could be a sign they require early intervention orthodontics.

Byline: Dr Peter Ikonomou

Early intervention orthodontics is usually considered when a child is about eight years old. It is good for children who… Continue reading

New Branch in Kingsgrove

In April, 2016 Dr Power took the decision to expand when the opportunity came up to take over another practice in nearby Kingsgrove.  After 40 years of high quality practice Dr Harrington decided it was time to retire and… Continue reading

FAQ about dental hygienists

Want to know what a dental hygienist is, or what one does? All the answers are here!

Byline: Dr David Power

You may visit a dental hygienist at your next appointment. Here I have provided some answers to your commonly… Continue reading

All about snoring

Snoring is very common, but did you realise that your dentist may be able to help you treat it?

Byline: Dr David Power

A lot of people snore. It’s a common complaint and I get asked about it on a… Continue reading

Nursing home dentistry

Caring for the oral health of nursing home residents is an important part of what we do at Power Dental.

Byline: Dr David Power

Oral health care and education in nursing homes is very important to me, and I’ve always… Continue reading

Sleep dentistry

You may have heard of sleep dentistry. But is it for you?

Byline: Dr David Power

Sleep dentistry is targeted towards a person who is either generally fearful, or is undergoing a complex procedure. The most common—almost half the cases… Continue reading

FAQ about dental implants

Want to know more about dental implants and implant dentistry? Here’s some answers to some common questions.

Byline: Dr David Power

There may be many questions you have about dental implants, so I have included the most frequently asked here.… Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry

The term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ covers a wide range of procedures, all of which are available at Power Dental.

Byline: Dr Ming Ong

Cosmetic dentistry covers a variety of procedures and treatments. Usually when a patient comes in for a cosmetic… Continue reading

Dental Implant Factory Tour

In December, 2014 Dr Power travelled to California to learn the in and outs of gum rejuvenation.  While there he took time out to visit a state of the art Dental Implant Factory where we source most of the… Continue reading