Elham Vantandoust – Oral Health Therapist

Elli VatandoustElham (Ellie) graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009 with the Bachelor’s degree of Oral Health (BOH), and a post- graduate Dental Therapy qualification in 2012. She is a qualified dental hygienist and a therapist, known as Oral Health Therapist.

Ellie was born in the city of Shiraz in Iran (Persia)- home of love, poetry, romance, kindness and hospitality and came to Australia when she was 18.  It is little surprise that she ended up marrying her soul mate and being blessed with 2 handsome sons! Coming from a multicultural society Ellie has adopted Australia as her second motherland and thrives in our multicultural city, looking to live in an atmosphere of harmony where she can contribute and have a positive influence on all around her.

As a dental hygienist, her main role with patients is to provide a periodontal (gum health) programme and monitor the oral health of patients. Ellie carries out scaling of teeth, and talks to patients about their home care, making suggestions for improvements in oral hygiene and provides dietary advice. When she sees a successful outcome of a course of gum treatment she feels as though she has had a great day!  She is also responsible for completing gum health records, saliva analysis, taking X-rays, applying topical fluoride and taking impressions of people’s mouths.

As a dental therapist, she is qualified to conduct all the above treatments as well as fillings, extractions, root therapy and fissure sealants for all children under the age of eighteen. She is excellent with her younger patients and spends a lot of time with them to build rapport, demonstrate tooth brushing and educate about oral health so that they can maintain a healthy mouth.

Ellie’s greatest wish is to one day work in the most remote parts of the world, spreading the message that a healthy mouth is a healthy life.  She spent a month in 2015 and also 2016 in Christmas Island and Cocos Islands working with children and underprivileged people there.