Health Insurance – which is the best?


Many people want to be in a health fund, or are already.  We are often asked which is the best health insurance fund from a dentist’s point of view.  It is a difficult question to give a… Continue reading

Welcome To Dr Mansfield’s patients!

In early 2018 I received a telephone call form one of our neighbouring dentists, Dr David Mansfield, saying that he was having to retire as soon as possible due to his wife’s ill-health.  David asked me whether I was… Continue reading

New Branch in Kingsgrove

In April, 2016 Dr Power took the decision to expand when the opportunity came up to take over another practice in nearby Kingsgrove.  After 40 years of high quality practice Dr Harrington decided it was time to retire and… Continue reading

Dental Implant Factory Tour

In December, 2014 Dr Power travelled to California to learn the in and outs of gum rejuvenation.  While there he took time out to visit a state of the art Dental Implant Factory where we source most of the… Continue reading

The Gumlift Course

In December, 2014 Dr Power travelled to California to learn the in and outs of gum rejuvenation.  Dr Chao in Los Angeles has been performing this revolutionary technique on patients with remarkable success since 2010.

Up to 50% of… Continue reading

Replacing a lost tooth

What are your options for tooth replacement?

Byline: Dr David Power

Whether you lost a tooth some time ago or you’ve recently knocked one out in a sporting accident, there are four main options for filling the gap.

The first… Continue reading

Why dentists should not ski.

As many of you will be aware, back in 2008 my predecessor Dr Peter Gibbs went on a skiing trip to the Snowy Mountains and met with an unfortunate accident while on the slopes. He was collided with by another… Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Invisalign

Want to know more about Invisalign or invisible braces? Here’s some common questions and answers.

Byline: Dr Peter Ikonomou

Invisalign is an alternative choice to having braces. But it does not always replace the need for a traditional brace. It… Continue reading

Welcome to Power Dental Hurstville Blog

Welcome to the Power Dental Practice blog. We hope to keep you up to date with what’s going on at our practice. This ranges from staff coming and going, what’s happening in people’s lives, new forms of treatment and updates… Continue reading