1. Is Power Dental Practice wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our building is fully wheelchair accessible as is our suite. We have chosen dental chairs which are easy to transfer into for those with mobility issues.

2. Where can I park when I come to Power Dental Practice?

2 hours’ free parking is available in our building. Parking fees apply after 1 hour.  Otherwise, some street parking is available.

3. Do you have “happy gas”?

Yes, all the dentists at Power Dental Practice are trained to use Nitrous Oxide (happy gas). It is very helpful in relieving anxiety and minor discomfort, and is very effective for children.

4. Can I get “knocked out” for my dental treatment?

Yes, you can be sedated for your treatment or even have a full general anaesthetic for your dental treatment at power Dental Practice. See our section on sleep Dentistry for more details.

5. Can you come and visit me/my relative at home or in a Nursing Home?

Yes, our staff have been doing this for over 20 years.  A limited range of treatment is available. See our Nursing home Visits section for more details.

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