Welcome To Dr Mansfield’s patients!

In early 2018 I received a telephone call form one of our neighbouring dentists, Dr David Mansfield, saying that he was having to retire as soon as possible due to his wife’s ill-health.  David asked me whether I was interested in taking over his practice.  Having known David for the past 30 years I were saddened by the news but felt privileged to receive the offer.  I felt that David’s practice and ours were run along similar ethical lines and the combination would be a good fit.

After some quick negotiations, getting some advice and thinking, we decided to go ahead and in April the sale was completed.  I initially thought of continuing to run 2 locations in Hurstville, but was advised that the cost of upgrades and the high effort required made it impractical and uneconomical to do so long-term.  So, I took the decision to close the Dr Mansfield’s Forest Road practice location and combine the 2 practices into 1, operating from our main premises in the Waratah Private Hospital.  All the treatment records have been taken across, and Dr Mansfield’s dental assistant, Marie, has joined our team, as well.

We wish David all the best in his retirement, and pray that his wife will enjoy better health in the years to come. A big welcome to Dr Mansfield’s loyal patients, some of whom we have already met and started to get to know.  We hope to make you feel at home at our practice and that you receive the same standard of care that Dr Mansfield provided for you over the past 40 years.


Dr David Power